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Class Description

30/30 Flex Ryde  If you are looking to tone your muscles and lose weight this is the class for you!  Get in 30 minutes of solid cardio and then move to 30 minutes of strengthening exercises using weights and body weight.  We will work all muscle groups.  Do this class twice a week in addition to eating healthier and taking our other classes and you will begin to see significant changes in your body!

A.M. Express Ryde: This is our early morning “express” class. We will work it hard for 45 minutes and get your metabolism revved and ready for the day!

Core Ryde : This is a 45 minute ryde set to our favorite for music.  Perfect for those who may not be looking for a full 60 minute ryde.  We will still get your heart pumping,  your arms swaying and your core rockin’ but if you are looking for additional toning to your abs, we bring it to the floor for 15 minutes of more core!

Flex Ryde: The  RR cycling classes you love are great for cardio training, core strengthening and lower body muscular fitness, but what about your upper body? Although the RR bike incorporates the upper body in each class, this class will hit the harder to reach muscle groups. Flex Ryde is the answer for cycling enthusiasts who love to ride but also need a total upper body workout in a short amount of time. You spend part of the class on the bike and the other part off the bike conducting upper body strengthening techniques. (60 mins)

HulaFit Classes:  HulaFit is a low-impact aerobic/cardio workout that uses light-weighted Exercise Hoops, fun music, and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to create a booty shaking workout toning your body from head to toe! HulaFit 45 and HulaFit Express is our 45 minute straight hooping class and Iron HulaFit  is 30 minutes of hooping followed by 15 minutes of strengthening exercises.

Music Video Ryde:  Enjoy one of our real rydes to our large screen of our favorite music videos.  It’s like being front row of your favorite concert! These Rydes are listed monthly. These are either a 60min mix ryde of video/Flex Plus or a full 60 min of a video ryde. So much fun……a must try!

Rock*n*Ryde :  We’ll get you swaying to the music and pedaling to the beat. Great energy with a sound of our favorite rock bands from the 60’s to present. You’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget how many calories you are burning. Bring a towel (or two!) and water. (60mins)

Let’s Ryde Plus: Get Fit, Get Tough, Get Strong AND Get Results! You’ll get a total body workout on the bike with added Sculpting off the bike (Upper body and Core)60 min.

Ryde/Yoga: If you are an avid indoor or outdoor cyclist you may feel tightness in your IT Band, Hips, Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings. Ryde/Yoga is a 30 minute ryde followed by a Vinyasa Flow class targeting these areas through asanas. We will also add in some back bending poses to counter the forward flexion we are while we ride. This is a 60 minute class.

REAL RYDE: Just what the name says. Are you ready to Ryde? High energy class geared for all levels.  Perfect for the new Ryder but challenging enough for the experienced indoor cyclist. (60mins)

THE MIX Ryde: Mix it up a bit! Energetic Ryde featuring a “mix” of different zone Rydes. A little bit of this…and a little bit of that! All terrain, all levels welcome! (45 mins)

Tabata Ryde: You’ll burn fat with flat-out super challenging cardio “blasts”. It’s an intense fat-burner that’s sure to build stamina and strength. A simple, but powerful fitness technique. You’ll work super-hard for 20 seconds, then “rest” for the next 10 seconds. You’ll repeat that sequence 4x (8 bouts),rest for 1-2  minutes with a “Seated Flat” and move on to the next bout . This workout is INTENSE! (40 mins)

Virtual Ryde Escape: into a far away place, Hawaii, Italy, Ireland or more.  On this ryde we take a step back and enjoy the ryde.  Great for endurance and training as well as the beginner!  Work out as hard or as easy as you would like, you set your pace!

Yoga 45    45 minutes of yummy yoga!  All levels welcome!

Working off The Weekend Ryde: We will work off your weekend in a 60 minute high energy ryde! Little breaks are given in this Ryde!