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The Real Ryder:

  • Tones both your Upper & Lower Body!
  • Works your core both in & out of the saddle!
  • Burns 20-30% more calories than the average indoor cycle bike!
  • Is 100% more fun!

At the Total Ryder in Motion:

  • No waiting in line for a bike!
  • Book your class in advance online to reserve your spot in class!
  • Flexible pay-per-class or buy multiple sessions!
  • Professional, Educated, and Fun owner/Instructor!


Darcie Adams-Owner/Operator of Total Ryder In Motion, The Fitness Body Shop (Group Training’s/Personal one on one Training’, BeachBody Coach/FitClub Trainer - resides the Capital Region with her very supportive husband and wonderful children. I have been in the fitness industry professionally since 1998. At first I started out as an instructor of numerous different formats and clubs. For the past 11+ years I’ve held the position as a Health & Fitness Director of a non-for-profit community center while still engaging in instructing various class formats and many Personal Training sessions. I have a passion for one’s well being, health and fitness that has driven me to pursue spreading my horizon to reach more people. In doing so I joined the AFAA Team as an Examiner (grading practical examinations on those wanting to become instructors) as well as joining the FiTour Team as a Presenter (teaching new would be instructors form/craft that they wish to perform in their classes). I have an explosive energy in my classes that is contagious. Not only do you receive a safe and effective workout, but every client leaves feeling that they have accomplished one more step towards their fitness goals. This is what keeps them coming back for more each week.


My Certifications and Titles:


  • Health & Fitness Director
  • AFAA Primary Group Examiner
  • FiTour Pro-Trainer/Presenter
  • Beach Body Coach


  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Primary Group Certification
  • Resist*A*Ball C.O.R.E
  • MadDogg Athletic SPINNING -Star 3
  • AAAI/ISMA Older Adult Fitness
  • AAAI/ISMA Kids and Teens Fitness
  • AAAI/ISMA Advanced Body Bar
  • AAAI/ISMA Weight Management Consultant
  • AAAI/ISMA Tai Chi with Scott Cole
  • Real Ryder (Cycling)
  • IFA Personal Trainer 
  • IFA Step
  • IFA Kickboxing
  • TurboKick
  • Fitour Pilates Mat
  • Fitour Ramping 1-2-3
  • Fitour Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Fitour Boot Camp
  • Fitour Indoor Cycling
  • Fitour Stability Ball
  • R.I.P.P.E.D
  • TRX

I attend yearly health/fitness conventions and workshops including, but not limited to..ICI/PRO, AAAI/ISMA, SPINNING, AFAA and SCW Mania’s                  

=>AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)

=>AAAI/ISMA (American Aerobics Association International Sports Medicine Association)

=> IFA (International Fitness Association)

=> R.I.P.P.E.D (Resistance/Intervals/Power/Plyometrics/Endurance/Diet)