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The Real Ryder:

  • Tones both your Upper & Lower Body!
  • Works your core both in & out of the saddle!
  • Burns 20-30% more calories than the average indoor cycle bike!
  • Is 100% more fun!

At the Total Ryder in Motion Fitness Studio:

  • No waiting in line for a bike!
  • Book your class in advance online to reserve your spot in class!
  • Flexible pay-per-class or buy a session and save money per class!
  • Professional, Educated, and Fun Instructors!


Brenda McCullen-Moeske, co-owner/operator of HulaFit and Total Ryder in Motion Inc.,  currently residing in Niskayuna, NY but grew up in Colonie and attended Colonie Central High School.  I have taught a variety of classes at several gyms in the Capital District including HulaFit and Spinning in Jamaica and getting ready to teach yoga in Punta Cana, Domincan in January 2014!  I am excited to have a business in the community where I was raised.  I have four children, wonderful husband, and a very supportive family. I love sharing my passion and knowledge of fitness with others!  Indoor cycling is one of my favorite classes to teach always using music from many different genre’s in all of my classes.



  • B.S. Business, Management and Economics
  • Tax Auditor II for State of NY


  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Primary Group Fitness Instructor Certification
  • 200 hr RYT yoga certification
  • HoopnoticaFit
  • MadDogg Athletic SPINNING -Star 1
  • Real Ryder (Cycling)
  • Fitour Personal Trainer 
  • Fitour Pilates Mat
  • Fitour Yoga
  • Fitour Stability Ball

I continuously further my fitness education by attending yearly health and fitness conventions and workshops through ICI/PRO, SCW Mania’s, Spinning, Hoopnotica and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).


Darcie Adams-owner/Operator of The Fitness Body Shop (Group Training’s/Personal one on one Training’, BeachBody Coach/FitClub Trainer  & co-owner of TRIM - resides the Capital Region with her very supportive husband and wonderful children. I have been in the fitness industry professionally since 1998. At first I started out as an instructor of numerous different formats and clubs. For the past 11+ years I’ve held the position as a Health & Fitness Director of a non-for-profit community center while still engaging in instructing various class formats and many Personal Training sessions. I have a passion for one’s well being, health and fitness that has driven me to pursue spreading my horizon to reach more people. In doing so I joined the AFAA Team as an Examiner (grading practical examinations on those wanting to become instructors) as well as joining the FiTour Team as a Presenter (teaching new would be instructors form/craft that they wish to perform in their classes). I have an explosive energy in my classes that is contagious. Not only do you receive a safe and effective workout, but every client leaves feeling that they have accomplished one more step towards their fitness goals. This is what keeps them coming back for more each week.


My Certifications and Titles:


  • Health & Fitness Director
  • AFAA Primary Group Examiner
  • FiTour Pro-Trainer/Presenter
  • Beach Body Coach


  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Primary Group Certification
  • Resist*A*Ball C.O.R.E
  • MadDogg Athletic SPINNING -Star 3
  • AAAI/ISMA Older Adult Fitness
  • AAAI/ISMA Kids and Teens Fitness
  • AAAI/ISMA Advanced Body Bar
  • AAAI/ISMA Weight Management Consultant
  • AAAI/ISMA Tai Chi with Scott Cole
  • Real Ryder (Cycling)
  • IFA Personal Trainer 
  • IFA Step
  • IFA Kickboxing
  • TurboKick
  • Fitour Pilates Mat
  • Fitour Ramping 1-2-3
  • Fitour Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Fitour Boot Camp
  • Fitour Indoor Cycling
  • Fitour Stability Ball
  • R.I.P.P.E.D

I attend yearly health/fitness conventions and workshops including, but not limited to..ICI/PRO, AAAI/ISMA, SPINNING, AFAA and SCW Mania’s                  

=>AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)

=>AAAI/ISMA (American Aerobics Association International Sports Medicine Association)

=> IFA (International Fitness Association)

=> R.I.P.P.E.D (Resistance/Intervals/Power/Plyometrics/Endurance/Diet)



MaryAnn Fischler, co-owner/operator of HulaFit , currently residing in Delmar, NY.  While my number one priority is raising my two outstanding children, I’ve always been devoted to fitness and nutrition.  Teaching group fitness permits me to work with my passion and keep my family a priority, while still allowing time for an occasional mud race! Indoor and outdoor cycling have long been favorite pastimes of mine.  As a Total Ryder Instructor I’m able to share that  joy on every ride!



  • A.A.S Business Administration
  • Homemaker, Small Business Owner


  • AFAA Primary Group Fitness Instructor Certification
  • HoopnoticaFit
  • MadDogg Athletic SPINNING -Star 1
  • Fitour Stability Ball

I continue my fitness education yearly through Spinning, Hoopnotica, Fitour and AFAA (Aerobics and FitnessAssociation of America).



Patricia Reihs- I am from this area. I grew up in Colonie, I currently live in Niskayuna, NY with my two beautiful girls and amazing husband. I graduated from Siena College and currently work for NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. I have been an avid indoor cycler for 10+ years. Combine that with my passion for teaching others and here I am instructing for my sister Brenda and her co-owner Darcie at Total Ryder in motion. I am recently certified and hope to bring a variety of safe, enthusiastic workouts to you in the classroom!


B.S. Accounting
EDP Auditor


MadDogg Athletic spinning Star -1



Jenna Pearson-I currently reside in Schenectady, NY and have been working in corporate fitness in the Capital District for the past five years. I have a Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science from Teesside University in Middlesbrough, England, and a BS in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College. I enjoy doing just about anything active, but my two favorite pastimes are running and kayaking.  I’ve run five marathons, and am currently gearing up for my sixth.  During each marathon I become amazed by the strength my body has that my mind lacks. I truly enjoy working with people and teaching them firsthand about the benefits of physical activity. I have taught a variety of fitness classes at numerous facilities throughout the Capital District, including: Boot Camp, PILOXING, Spinning, Body Sculpting, KettleBell, Tabata, and more.  I believe exercise should be fun, and I strive to make each class I teach not just challenging, but also enjoyable.  My ultimate goal is to empower others to realize they are far stronger than they think they are.


MSC Sport and Exercise Science
BS Applied Exercise Science

Health Promotion Specialist
Group Fitness Instructor
ACSM- Health Fitness Specialist
MadDogg Athletics Spinning Instructor-Star 1
PILOXING(R) instructor
First aid & CPR /AED

Erin Lennon
-have been spinning for over 10 years and after saying I was going to get certified for the last five and pushing it off,  I finally got my certification in February of 2013 through Madd Dogg Athletics. I love spinning and love instructing on the Real Ryder bikes even more. I love to climb – it’s my favorite part of class especially when we throw in a hold into the mix. I also love my TRIM family! It’s an honor to teach here! I am always looking for new songs so any suggestions are great. Born and raised in Colonie, I currently live in the town with my boyfriend, Brian and our two dogs, Francesca and Maximus.